Scope of Service

Gunnar Kuehne Executive Search offers numerous Services, that may be divided in three categories:

  • Dedicated Candidate Search and Active Headhunting
  • Success based Candidate Search
  • Extended Recruiting Services

Dedicated Candidate Search and Active Headhunting  
Tight markets or a small number of candidates having a very special skill set may lead to major challenges finding the right person. This service embraces Active Headhunting or targeting of selected individuals as well as to win them for our clients following a detailed discussion along intelligent communication strategies. Clients are usually willing to retain this service, whereas Up-front Payments are to be subtracted from our success fee being due at a later stage. This compensates for our above-average effort following this approach.

Success based Candidate Search
There are numerous vacancies that can be filled with relatively „small“ effort, which does not mean, that this is blindingly easy. These searches, however, can usually be executed on a success based  agreement.

Extended Recruiting Services
Business does not always fly. We therefore offer our clients reverse Solutions by supporting them in Restructuring or Special Situations. Outplacements Services include active help by bringing concerned employees into new jobs or to coach them for the arising application stage. We want to share our market know-how, train respective candidates and match their skills with realistic opportunities. A focused approach becomes even more important when emotions, social responsibility and working in restricted markets are to be challenged. We take those jobs very seriously. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further Services not mentioned in this paragraph.

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