Jobseeker Advantage

There are numerous advantages for jobseekers that you find in the following section.

Cost-free Service
Our service is free of charge for jobseekers. Please consider that we unfortunately do not have the time to discuss each application in detail. However, most jobseekers regard our advice as being of highest value.

Strong access to decision makers
We have access to a high number of decision makers in the finance industry. We strive for knowing what they want and we consider what they dislike. If you use us as first contact, we can usually assess if an application makes sense or not. Moreover, we are often informed, in which part of the company vacancies are to be found, where processes come to an end and where hiring is frozen. Timing is crucial.

Reflection current and expected salary
When it comes to salary, everybody listens. There are several reasons why employees think they are paid relatively low or at least think they deserve more. Are you paid in line with market and is your performance compensated adequately? Are your salary expectations too high? We reflect if you are well-paid, exploited or if there is upside potential. We highly recommend to use this service when you are far in the application process around the offer stage.

Advisor along the application process
We additionally prepare almost every jobseeker for interviews with our clients. Websites are seldom up to date, job descriptions and internet research do not reflect what jobseekers really have to expect in the job interview.

Reflecting application documents
We give you good advice if your CV has to be improved and how you should style it along individual client belongings in order to increase your success. Considering thousands of CVs throughout the course of the year, you can be sure this advice is likely to be representative and we are willing to share this experience with you.

Exclusive Service for Top-Candidates
A selection of well-trusted top-candidates receives exclusive treatment from us. This includes wide market reflections on the individual’s profile or discussions about target companies the jobseeker wishes to work for. We reserve the right to decide ourselves who is going to receive this special treatment and expect nothing less than unconditional loyalty in return.